Ekstensi File dari Awal sampai Akhir

Setelah membaca daftar ekstensi file pada halaman sebelumnya, silahkan anda lanjutkan mengetahui sambungannya di halaman ini.

Berikut daftar lengkapnya dari awalan r hingga z.

.r Ratfor (FORTRAN preprosessor) file
.r8 Raw graphics (one byte per pixel) plane one (PicLab)
.r8p Pcl 4 bitmap font file (Intellifont)
.ra Music (RealAudio)
.ram Ramfile (RealAudio)
.rar Compressed file archive created by RAR (rar1_402.exe)
.ras Sun Rasterfile graphics
.rat Datafile (RATS)
.raw Raw RGB 24-bit graphics
.rbf Datafile (Rbase)
.rc Resource script (MS C/C++ – Borland C++)
.rc Configuration (emacs)
.rcg Netscape newsgroup file (netsc.rcg)
.rdf Compiled UIC source code (Geoworks UI Compiler)
.rdi Device-independent bitmap file (RIFF RDIB format)
.rdx Datafile (Reflex)
.rec Datafile (EpiInfo)
.rec Record file (Sprint)
.rec Recorded macro file (Windows 3.x)
.red Path info (Clarion Modula-2)
.ref Cross-reference
.reg Ole Registration (Windows 3.x)
.reg Registration (Corel programs)
.rem Remarks
.rep Qwk reader reply file
.rep Report (Report Designer – CodeReporter – DataBoss)
.req Request
.res Compiled resource (MS C/C++ – Borland C++)
.res Dbase resources (dBASE IV)
.rev Revision file (Geoworks)
.rex Rexx source code file
.rex Report definition (Oracle)
.rez Resource file
.rf Sun raster graphics
.rft Dca/RFT Revisable Format Text file (IBM DisplayWrite 4.0-5.1)
.rgb Sgi RGB image file (SDSC Image Tool)
.rgx Symbol tables etc. info (ReaGeniX code generator)
.rh Resource header file (Borland C++ 4.5)
.ri Data (Lotus 1-2-3)
.rib Graphics in Renderman format (3DReality)
.ric Fax (Ricoh)
.rif Riff bitmap graphics (Fractal Design Painter)
.rip Graphics (Remote Access)
.rix Bitmap graphics (ColorRIX VGA Paint)
.rl4 Bitmap graphics
.rl8 Bitmap graphics
.rla Wavefront raster image file (SDSC Image Tool)
.rlb Data (Harvard Graphics Win) hgw.rlb
.rlc Graphics 1bit/pixel scanner output
.rle Utah Run Length Encoded raster graphic (SDSC Image Tool)
.rlz Realizer source code file (CA-Realizer)
.rmi Midi file (RIFF RMID format)
.rmk Makefile (Clipper RMake)
.rn Xpl program for Nota Bene users
.rnd Rendering Slide (AutoCAD AutoShade)
.rno Runoff file (VAX)
.rol Fm music Adlib Music File (Roland)
.rpd Database (RapidFile)
.rpl Text document (Replica)
.rpt Report
.rs Data file (Amiga Resource – Reassembler)
.rs_ Resource fork of a Macintosh file (Mac-ette)
.rsc Resource file
.rsp Response file
.rtf Rich Text Format text file (many – Windows Word)
.rtf Windows Help file script
.rtl Run Time Library (NU 7.0)
.rtl Text file
.rtp Rtpatch software update package data file
.rts Runtime library file (CA-Realizer)
.rvw Review
.rws Resource Workshop data file (Borland C++)
.rwx Script (RenderWare)
.s Assembly source code file (unix)
.s Scheme source code file
.s$$ Temporary sort file (Sprint)
.s3m Music (16 channels) (Scream Tracker 3.0)
.sal Datafile (SORITEC)
.sam Text file (Samna – Lotus Ami/Ami Pro)
.sar Compressed file archive created by SAR (sar1.zip)
.sav Backup file (saved file)
.sav Configuration
.sav Saved game situation (eg. NetHack)
.sb Audio file (signed byte)
.sbd Storyboard (Storyboard Editor)
.sbi Sound Blaster Instrument file (Creative Labs)
.sbp Dml program (Superbase 4)
.sbr Support file (Source Browser)
.sbt Notes related to record (Suberbase 4 Windows)
.sc Pal script (Paradox)
.sc Display driver (Framework II)
.sc3 Renamed dBASE III screen mask file (dBASE IV)
.sc3 Screen device driver (Harvard Graphics 3.0)
.sca Datafile (SCA)
.scc Text file
.scd Scodl Scan Conversion Object Description Language graphics
.scf Multimedia show (ScoreMaker)
.scf Spelling checker configuration (Symphony)
.sch Project schedule (Schedule Publisher)
.sch Schematics file (ORCAD)
.sci System Configuration Information
.sci Fax (SciFax)
.scm Scheme source code file
.scn Screen file (Kermit)
.sco High score
.scp Script (BITCOM)
.scr Debug source code file (DOS Debug)
.scr Screen – screen snapshot (dBASE IV – Procomm Plus)
.scr Screen font (LocoScript)
.scr Screen saver (Windows 3.x)
.scr Script (Kermit – 1st Reader)
.sct Screen memo (FoxPro)
.scx Bitmap graphics (ColorRIX)
.scx Chart (Stanford Chart)
.scx Screen (FoxPro)
.scy Security file (ReaGeniX)
.sda Fidonet’s Software Distribution Network file archive description
.sdf System Data Format file (fixed length ASCII text)
.sdi Software Distribution Network Info file
.sdn Software Distribution Network compressd file archive (pak251.exe)
.sea Self-Extracting compressed Macintosh file Archive
.sec Secret key ring file (Pretty Good Privacy RSA System)
.sec Secured animation file (Disney Animation Studio)
.sep Printer separator page
.seq Atari animation file
.seq Sequential Instruction File (Bubble Chamber)
.ses Session info (Clarion Modula-2)
.set Configuration (1st Reader)
.set Driver sets created by Install (Symphony)
.set Setup options file
.sf Ircam Sound File (CSound package – MixView sound sample editor)
.sf Wps attribute storage (OS/2 WorkPlace Shell) wp_root.sf
.sfi Graphics (SIS Framegrabber)
.sfi Printer font (HP LaserJet landscape) (Ventura Publisher)
.sfl Pcl 4 bitmap font (landscape) (Intellifont) (Ventura Publisher)
.sfn Font (SPX)
.sfp Pcl 4 bitmap font (portrait) (Intellifont) (Ventura Publisher)
.sfs Pcl 5 scalable font file (Intellifont)
.sft Screen font (ChiWriter)
.sg1 Graphics (Stanford Graphics)
.sgf Document with graphics (Starwriter)
.sgi Graphics (IRIS – Silicon Graphics)
.sgp Statistics (STATGRAPHICS Plus)
.sgt Save/get keyboard macro (Signature)
.sh Unix shell script
.sh Unix ASCII file archive created by SHAR (unshar.zip)
.sh3 Presentation (Harvard Graphics 3.0)
.shb Background (CorelShow)
.shg Segmented-graphics bitmap
.shk Compressed Apple II file archive created by SHRINKIT
.shm Shell macro (WordPerfect Library)
.shp Shape file and source file for text fonts (AutoCAD)
.shr Unix ASCII file archive created by SHAR (unshar.zip)
.shs Scrap Object
.shw Presentation (Harvard Graphics 2.0 – CorelShow)
.shw Slide show (WordPerfect Presentations)
.shx Shape entities (AutoCAD)
.sif Setup Installation Files info (Windows NT Setup)
.sig Current program settings (Signature)
.sig Signature file (PopMail)
.sik Backup file (Sicherungskopie) (MS Word)
.sit Compressed Macintosh archive created by STUFFIT (unsit30.zip)
.sl S-Lang source code file
.slb Slide library (AutoCAD)
.slc Compiled SALT script (Telix)
.sld Slide (AutoCAD)
.sli Slide (MAGICorp Slide Service)
.slk Sylk Symbolic Link format data file (MultiPlan)
.sll Sound data file
.slt Salt Script Application Language for Telix script source (Telix)
.sm Smalltalk source code file
.sm Maillist (SoftSpoken Mailer)
.sm Script (ScriptMaker)
.sm Text file (Samna Word)
.smf Fax (SMARTFAX)
.smm Macro (Ami Pro)
.smp Sample (sound file)
.smt Text file (Smart Ware II)
.snd Digitized sound file (Macintosh/ATARI/PC)
.sng Song (midi sound) (Midisoft Studio – Prism)
.sno Snobol4 source code file
.snp Output video format from Computer Eyes equipment
.sol Solution eg. game walkthroughs
.som Network serial numbers (Quattro Pro)
.som Sort information (Paradox)
.son Song (SBStudio II)
.sou Sound data (sound tool)
.sp Compressed file archive created by SPLINT (unix)
.spc Program (MS Multiplan)
.spc Temporary file (WordPerfect for Win)
.spd Scalable font (Speedo) (Harvard Graphics 3.0)
.spf Slide presentation file (EnerGraphics)
.spg Glossary (Sprint)
.spi Graphics (Siemens and Philips scanner)
.spl Compressed file archive created by SPLINT (splint.arc)
.spl Customized printer driver (Sprint)
.spl Personal spell dictionary (Signature)
.spl Print spooling file (Windows 3.x)
.spl Sample
.spm Data (WordPerfect) wp{wp}.spm
.spp Printer file (Sprint)
.spr Document letter (Sprint)
.spr Genarated screen program (FoxPro)
.spr Sprite
.sps Spssx source code file (VAX/VMS)
.sps Screen driver (Sprint)
.spt Spitbol source code file
.spt Support file (MITAC disk/system management utility pack)
.spw Worksheet (SigmaPlot)
.spx Compiled screen program (FoxPro)
.sql SQL report or query
.sqz Compressed file archive created by SQUEEZE (sqz1083e.exe)
.src Source (DataFlex)
.srf Sun Raster File graphics
.srp Script (QuickLink)
.ss Bitmap graphics (Splash)
.ssd Datafile (SAS/PC)
.ssm RealPlayer Standard Streaming Metafile
.ssp Datafile (SAS Transport)
.st Smalltalk source code file (Little Smalltalk)
.st Instrument library (Scream Tracker)
.st Stamp (NeoPaint)
.sta Saved state (Reflection 4.0)
.sta Stack (Spinmaker Plus)
.stb Stub library (Genus GX Kernel)
.std State Transition Diagram graphic file (Prosa)
.std Standard (something..) (LocoScript)
.stf Compressed file archive created by SHRINKTOFIT
.stm State Transition Diagram model file (Prosa)
.stm Music (Scream Tracker)
.sto Pascal stub OBJ file (Genus GX Kernel)
.str Structure list object file (dBASE Application Generator)
.sts Project status info (MS C/C++)
.sts Song format (Scream Tracker)
.stw Data file (SmartTerm for Windows)
.stx Electronic book (SmarText)
.stx Tax form (CA-Simply Tax)
.sty Style library or sheet (many text and graphics programs)
.sui Suit library (Simple User Interface Toolkit)
.sum Summary
.sun Sun rasterfile graphics
.sup Supplementary dictionary (WordPerfect for Win)
.svd Autosave file for document (MS Word)
.svg Autosave file for glossary (MS Word)
.svs Autosave file for style sheet (MS Word)
.sw Audio file (signed word)
.swg Swag packet (SWAG Reader)
.swp Document backup (Sprint)
.swp Swap file (DOS)
.sy1 Smartpix symbol library (Ami Pro)
.sy3 Symbol file (Harvard Graphics 3.0)
.syd Backup of startup files created by QEMM (?) autoexec.syd
.sym Precompiled headers (Borland C++)
.sym Program symbol table (many compilers and linkers)
.sym Symbol file (Harvard Graphics 2.0)
.syn Sdsc Synu image file (SDSC Image Tool)
.syn Synonym file (MS Word 5)
.sys Datafile (SYGRAPH – SYSTAT – SPSS/PC)
.sys System file – device driver or hardware configuration info (DOS)
.syw Graphics symbols (Harvard Graphics Win)
.t Tads source
.t Tape Archive (tar) without compression
.t Tester symbol table (ReaGeniX code generator)
.t44 Temporary file for Sort or Index (dBASE IV)
.t64 Program (C64S emulator)
.tag Query tag name (DataFlex)
.tah Turbo Assembler Help file (Borland C++)
.tal Text illustration (TypeAlign)
.tar Compressed file archive created by TAR (pax2exe.zoo)
.taz Compressed ASCII file archive created by TAR and COMPRESS (.tar.Z)
.tb1 Font file (Borland Turbo C)
.tb2 Font file (Borland Turbo C)
.tbf Fax (Imavox TurboFax)
.tbk Memo backup (dBASE IV – FoxPro)
.tbk Toolbook (Asymetrix ToolBook)
.tbl Graphics (native format) (PageMaker TableEditor)
.tbl Table of values (OS/2)
.tbs Text elements ?? (Textbausteine) (MS Word)
.tbx Table (Project Scheduler 4)
.tc Configuration (Turbo C – Borland C++)
.tch Turbo C Help file (Borland C++)
.tcl Tool Command Language source code (Swat)
.tcw Drawing (TurboCAD for Windows)
.td Configuration file (Turbo Debugger for DOS)
.td0 Disk image file (Teledisk)
.td2 Configuration file (Turbo Debugger for Win32)
.tdb Database (TACT)
.tdf Font (TheDraw)
.tdf Typeface definition file (Speedo)
.tdh Help file (Turbo Debugger)
.tdk Keystroke recording file (Turbo Debugger)
.tds Symbol table (Turbo Debugger)
.tdw Configuration file (Turbo Debugger for Windows)
.tef Fax (Relisys TEFAX)
.tel Host file (Telnet)
.tem Turbo Editor Macro Language script (Borland C++)
.tem Input template (IconAuthor)
.tex Tex text file (Scientific Word)
.tex Datasheet (Idealist)
.tf Configuration (Turbo Profiler)
.tfa Area file (Turbo Profiler)
.tfc Catalogue file (Tobi’s Floppy Cataloguer)
.tfh Help file (Turbo Profiler)
.tfm Tex Font Metric file (TeX)
.tfm Tagged font metric file (Intellifont)
.tfs Statistics (Turbo Profiler)
.tg1 Project file (On Target)
.tga Truevision Targa bitmap graphics
.tgz Compressed file archive created by TAR and GNUzip (.tar.gz)
.ths Thesaurus dictionary (WordPerfect for Win)
.tif Tagged Image File Format bitmap graphics (PageMaker – CorelDRAW)
.til Fuzzy logic knowledge base (Togai InfraLogic Fuzzy-C Compiler)
.tis Tile set (MahJongg 3.0)
.tjl Backup file (VAXTPU editor)
.tlb Reference table (Bubble Chamber)
.tlb Text library (VAX)
.tlb Type library (Visual C++)
.tlc Compiled Tool Command Language source code (Swat)
.tlp Project (TimeLine)
.tmf Tagged Font Metric file (WordPerfect for Win)
.tmo Ztg global optimizer default output file (Zortech C++)
.tmp Tempor
.#24 Printer data file for 24 pin matrix printer (LocoScript)
.#ib Printer data file (LocoScript)
.#sc Printer data file (LocoScript)
.#st Standard mode printer definitions (LocoScript)
.$$$ Temporary file
.$00 Pipe file (DOS)
.$db Temporary file (dBASE IV)
.$ed Editor temporary file (MS C)
.$o1 Pipe file (DOS)
.$vm Virtual manager temporary file (Windows 3.x)
.000 Compressed harddisk data (DoubleSpace)
.001 Fax (many)
.075 75×75 dpi display font (Ventura Publisher)
.085 85×85 dpi display font (Ventura Publisher)
.091 91×91 dpi display font (Ventura Publisher)
.096 96×96 dpi display font (Ventura Publisher)
.0b Printer font with lineDraw extended character set (PageMaker)
.1 Roff/nroff/troff/groff source for manual page (cawf2.zip)
.15u Printer font with PI font set (PageMaker)
.1st Usually README.1ST text
.301 Fax (Super FAX 2000 – Fax-Mail 96))
.386 Intel 80386 processor driver (Windows 3.x)

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