Kumpulan Nama Ekstensi File dari A sampai Z

Sebelum melanjutkan pada tulisan ini, sebaiknya anda mulai dulu dari halaman sebelumnya untuk mendapatkan keutuhan daftar ekstensi file ini.

Berikut kelanjutannya yang saya mulai dari ekstensi file berawalan N secara alfabet:

.nap Naplps file (VideoShow) (EnerGraphics)
.nb Text file (Nota Bene)
.nc Graphics (netcdf)
.nc Instructions for NC (Numerical Control) machine (CAMS)
.ncc Cnc (Computer Numeric Control) control file (CamView 3D)
.ncd Norton Change Directory support file (Norton Commander)
.ndb Network database (Intellicom – Compex)
.ndx Index file (dBASE II – III – IV – dBFast)
.neo Raster graphics (Atari Neochrome)
.net Network configuration/info file
.new New info
.nfo Info file
.ng Online documentation database (Norton Guide)
.nlm Netware Loadable Module
.nlx Form (FormWorx 3.0)
.np Project schedule (Nokia Planner) (Visual Planner 3.x)
.npi Source for DGEN.EXE intepreter (dBASE Application Generator)
.nsf Lotus Notes / Domino database
.nst Music (NoiseTracker)
.nt Startup files (Windows NT)
.ntf Lotus Notes / Domino template file
.ntr Executable ASCII text file (strip header and rename) (netrun31.zip)
.nts Tutorial (Norton)
.nts Executable ASCII text file (strip header and rename) (netsend1.zip)
.ntx Index (Clipper 5)
.nuf Message for new users on their 1st call (Procomm Plus)
.nws Info text file (latest news) (ASCII)
.nxt Sound (NeXT format)
.o Object file (unix – Atari – GCC)
.o$$ Outfile (Sprint)
.oaz Fax (NetFax Manager)
.ob Object cut/paste file (IBM LinkWay)
.obj Object code (Intel Recolatable Object Module)
.obr Object browser data file (Borland C++)
.obs Script (ObjectScript)
.obv Visual interface (ObjectScript)
.ocf Object Craft File (Object Craft)
.ocr Incoming fax transcribed to text (FAXGrapper)
.ocx OLE custom control
.odl Type library source (Visual C++)
.ofd Form definition (ObjectView)
.off Object File Format vector graphics
.okt Music (Oktalizer)
.olb Object library (VAX)
.old Backup file
.oli Text file (Olivetti)
.oom Swap file (Shroom)
.opn Active options (Exact)
.opt Optimize support file (QEMM)
.opw Organization chart (Org Plus for Windows)
.opx Inactive options (Exact)
.ora Parameter file (Oracle)
.org Calendar file (Lotus Organizer)
.ost Microsoft Outlook Offline file
.otl Outline font description (Z-Soft Type Foundry)
.otx Text file (Olivetti Olitext Plus)
.out Output file
.ov1 Overlay file (part of program to be loaded when needed)
.ov2 Overlay file (part of program to be loaded when needed)
.ovd Datafile (ObjectVision)
.ovl Overlay file (part of program to be loaded when needed)
.ovr Overlay file (part of program to be loaded when needed)
.p Pascal source code file
.p Rea-C-Time application parameter file (ReaGeniX code generator)
.p Picture file (APPLAUSE)
.p16 Music (16 channels) (ProTracker Studio 16)
.p22 Patch file (Patch22)
.p65 Adobe Pagemaker v6.5
.pa1 Worktable (PageAhead)
.pab Microsoft Outlook personal address book
.pac Stad Image (graphics ?)
.pac Package (SBStudio II)
.pad Keypad definition (Telemate)
.pak Compressed file archive created by PAK (pak251.exe)
.pal Color palette
.pan Printer-specific file (copy to coreldrw.ink) (CorelDRAW)
.par Parts application (Digitalk PARTS)
.par Parameter file (Fractint)
.par Permanent output file (Windows 3.x)
.pas Pascal source code file
.pat Hatch patterns (AutoCAD – Photostyler)
.pat Vector fill files (CorelDRAW)
.pb Fax (FAXability Plus)
.pb Phonebook (WinFax Pro)
.pb Setup file (PixBase)
.pb1 Document (First Publisher for Windows)
.pba Powerbasic BASIC source code (Genus)
.pbd Phone book (FaxNOW! – Faxit)
.pbi Powerbasic include file (Genus)
.pbi Profiler Binary Input (MS Source Profiler)
.pbl Powerbasic library (Genus)
.pbm Pbm Portable Bit Map graphics
.pbm Planar bitmap graphics (XLib)
.pbo Profiler Binary Output (MS Source Profiler)
.pbt Profiler Binary Table (MS Source Profiler)
.pc Text file containing IBM PC specific info
.pc3 Custom palette (Harvard Graphics 3.0)
.pc8 Ascii text IBM8 character set (NewWave Write)
.pcc Cutout picture vector graphics (PC Paintbrush)
.pcd Graphics (Kodak PhotoCD)
.pcf Profiler Command File (MS Source Profiler)
.pch Patch file
.pch Precompiled header (MS C/C++)
.pcj Multimedia authoring tool graphics (IBM’s Linkaway-Live)
.pck Pickfile (Turbo Pascal)
.pcl HP-PCL graphics data (HP Printer Control Language)
.pct Bitmap graphics (Macintosh b&w PICT1 – color PICT2)
.pcw Text file (PC Write)
.pcx Bitmap graphics (PC Paintbrush)
.pda Bitmap graphics
.pdb Data (TACT)
.pdd Adobe PhotoDeluxe Image
.pdf Package Definition File
.pdf Graphics file (ED-SCAN 24bit format)
.pdl Project Description Language file (Borland C++ 4.5)
.pds Pds graphics
.pds Pldasm source code file (hardware assembly)
.pdv Printer driver (Paintbrush)
.pdw Document (Professional Draw)
.peb Program Editor bottom overflow file (WordPerfect Library)
.ped Program Editor delete save (WordPerfect Library)
.pem Program Editor macro (WordPerfect Library)
.peq Program Editor print queue file (WordPerfect Library)
.per Program Editor resident area (WordPerfect Library) (vakioalue)
.pes Program Editor work space file (WordPerfect Library)
.pet Program Editor top overflow file (WordPerfect Library)
.pfa Type 3 font file (unhinted PostScript font)
.pfb Type 1 font file
.pfc Text file (First Choice)
.pfk Programmable function keys (XTreePro)
.pfm Windows Type 1 font metric file
.pfs Database (PFS:FILE) – text file (PFS:Write)
.pft Printer font (ChiWriter)
.pg Page cut/paste file (IBM LinkWay)
.pgi Printer Graphics File device driver (PGRAPH library)
.pgm Portable Grayscale bitMap graphics
.pgm Program (Signature)
.pgp Support file (Pretty Good Privacy RSA System)
.pgs Manual page (man4dos)
.ph Optimized .goh file (Geoworks)
.ph Perl header file
.ph Phrase-table (MS C/C++)
.phn Phone list (UltraFax – QmodemPro)
.pho Phone database (Metz Phone for Windows)
.phr Phrases (LocoScript)
.pic Pixar picture file (SDSC Image Tool)
.pic Bitmap graphics (Macintosh b&w PICT1 – color PICT2)
.pic Bitmap graphics (many eg. Lotus 1-2-3 – PC Paint)
.pif Program Information File (Windows 3.x)
.pif Vector graphics GDF format (IBM mainframe computers)
.pit Compressed Mac file archive created by PACKIT (unpackit.zoo)
.pix Alias image file (SDSC Image Tool)
.pj Project (CA-SuperProject)
.pjt Project memo (FoxPro)
.pjx Project (FoxPro)
.pk Packed bitmap font bitmap file (TeX DVI drivers)
.pka Compressed file archive created by PKARC
.pkg Installer script (Next)
.pkt Fidonet packet
.pl Perl source code file
.pl Prolog source code file
.pl Property List font metric file (TeX)
.pl Palette (Harvard Graphics)
.pl1 Room plan (3D Home Architect)
.pl3 Chart palette (Harvard Graphics 3.0)
.plb Library (FoxPro)
.plc Add-in file (functions – macros – applications) (Lotus 1-2-3)
.pll Pre-linked library (Clipper 5)
.pln Spreadsheet (WordPerfect for Win)
.plt Hpgl plotter file vector graphics (AutoCAD)
.plt Palette
.plt Pre-linked transfer file (Clipper 5)
.ply Data (PopMail)
.ply Presentation screen (Harvard Spotlight)
.pm Bitmap graphics (Presentation Manager)
.pm3 Document (PageMaker 3)
.pm4 Document (PageMaker 4)
.pm5 Document (PageMaker 5)
.pmc Graphics (A4TECH Scanner)
.pmm Program file (Amaris BTX/2)
.pn3 Printer device driver (Harvard Graphics 3.0)
.png Bitmap graphics (Portable Network Graphics)
.pnm Pbm Portable aNy Map (PNM) graphics
.pnt Macintosh painting
.pnt Qwk reader pointer file (MarkMail 2.x)
.poh Optimized .goh file (Geoworks)
.pop Messages index (PopMail)
.pop Pop-up menu object (dBASE Application Generator)
.pov Raytraced graphics image (Persistence Of Vision)
.pow Chord chart (PowerChords)
.pp Compressed Amiga file archive created by POWERPACKER
.ppb Button bar for Print Preview (WordPerfect for Win)
.ppl Polaroidpaletteplus ColorKey device driver (Harvard Graphics 3.0)
.ppm Portable Pixel Map graphics
.ppo Pre-processor output (Clipper 5)
.ppp Publication (PagePlus)
.pps Storyboard (Personal Producer)
.ppt General file extension (PowerPoint)
.pr2 Presentation (Aldus Persuasion 2.x)
.pr2 Printer driver (dBASE IV)
.pr3 Postscript printer driver (dBASE IV)
.pr3 Presentation (Aldus Persuasion 3.x)
.prd Printer driver (many)
.pre Presentation (Freelance Graphics)
.pre Settings (Programmer’s WorkBench – MS C/C++)
.prf Pixel Run Format graphics (Improces – Fastgraph)
.prf Printer driver (dBASE IV)
.prf Profiler output
.prg Program (Atari)
.prg Program source (dBASE IV – FoxPro – Clipper 5 – dBFast)
.pri Printer definitions (LocoScript)
.prj Project
.prm Parameters
.prn Printer driver (Signature)
.prn Text file (Lotus 1-2-3 – Symphony)
.pro Prolog source code file
.pro Graphics profile file (DOS)
.prs Printer Resource eg. fonts (WordPerfect for Win)
.prs Presentation (Harvard Graphics Win)
.prs Procedure (dBASE IV)
.prt Printer driver (Dr.Halo)
.prx Compiled program (FoxPro)
.ps Postscript file (text/graphics) (ASCII)
.psd Graphics (Photoshop 3.0)
.pse Bitmap graphics (IBM printer Page SEgment)
.psf Outline PostScript printer font (ChiWriter)
.psm Music (MASI – ProTracker)
.psm Symbol table of IDE (Turbo Pascal)
.psp Procedure (Prodea Synergy)
.pst Microsoft Outlook personal folder
.pt3 Device driver (Harvard Graphics 3.0)
.pt3 Template (PageMaker 3)
.pt4 Template (PageMaker 4)
.ptb Script (PubTech BatchWorks)
.ptm Macro (PubTech BatchWorks)
.ptr Qwk reader pointer file (QMail)
.pub Page template (MS Publisher)
.pub Public key ring file (Pretty Good Privacy RSA System)
.pub Publication (Ventura Publisher – 1st Publisher)
.put Compressed file archive created by PUT (put334.zip)
.pvd Script (Instalit)
.pvl Library (Instalit)
.pvt Local Fidonet pointlist
.pw Text file (Professional Write)
.pwl Password List
.pwp Text document (Professional WritePlus)
.px Primary database index (Paradox)
.py Python script file
.pyc Compiled PYTHON script file
.pzd Default settings (Pizazz Plus)
.pzo Overlay file (Pizazz Plus)
.pzp Palette (Pizazz Plus)
.pzs Settings (Pizazz Plus)
.pzt Transfer file (Pizazz Plus)
.pzx Swap file (Pizazz Plus)
.qap Application (Omnis Quartz)
.qbe Saved query (Query By Example) (dBASE IV – Quattro Pro)
.qbo Compiled query (dBASE IV)
.qbw Spreadsheet (QuickBooks for Windows)
.qd0 Data file – segment 10 (Omnis Quartz)
.qd1 Data file – segment 1 (Omnis Quartz)
.qd2 Data file – segment 2 (Omnis Quartz)
.qd3 Data file – segment 3 (Omnis Quartz)
.qd4 Data file – segment 4 (Omnis Quartz)
.qd5 Data file – segment 5 (Omnis Quartz)
.qd6 Data file – segment 6 (Omnis Quartz)
.qd7 Data file – segment 7 (Omnis Quartz)
.qd8 Data file – segment 8 (Omnis Quartz)
.qd9 Data file – segment 9 (Omnis Quartz)
.qdk Backup of startup files created by Optimize (QEMM)
.qdv Graphics (Steve Blackstock Giffer)
.qef Query file (Q+E for MS Excel)
.qfx Fax (QuickLink)
.qlb Quick library (MS C/C++)
.qlc Data (PostScript help file) atmfonts.qlc
.qlp Printer driver (QuickLink)
.qm4 Options or services file (QMail 4.x Mail Door)
.qpr Generated query program (FoxPro)
.qpr Print queue device driver (OS/2)
.qpx Compiled query program (FoxPro)
.qrs Equation Editor support file (WordPerfect for Win)
.qrt Qrt ray tracing graphics
.qry Query (dBASE IV)
.qt Quicktime movie (animation)
.qwk Qwk reader message file
.qxd Document (QuarkXPress)
.qxl Element library (QuarkXPress)

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