Daftar Lengakp Semua Ekstensi File

Tulisan ini adalah sambungan dari Daftar Lengkap Ekstensi File dari A sampai Z. Bagi anda yang ingin mendapatkan daftarnya dari awal, silahkan mampir dulu kesana.

Berikut lanjutan dari daftar ekstensi file yang dimaksud:

.dat Data file in special format or ASCII
.db Configuration (dBASE IV – dBFast)
.db Database (Paradox – Smartware)
.db$ Temperature debug info (Clarion Modula-2)
.db$ Temporary file (dBASE)
.db2 Database (dBASE II)
.db3 Database (dBASE III)
.dba Datafile (DataEase)
.dbd Business data (Business Insight)
.dbd Debug info (Clarion Modula-2)
.dbf Database file (dBASE III/IV – FoxPro – dBFast – DataBoss)
.dbg Symbolic debugging information (MS C/C++)
.dbk Database backup (dBASE IV)
.dbm Datafile (DataEase)
.dbm Menu template (DataBoss)
.dbo Compiled program (dBASE IV)
.dbs Database in SQL Windows format
.dbs Datafile (PRODAS)
.dbs Printer description file (Word – Works)
.dbt Data Base Text (Clipper)
.dbt Foxbase+ style memo (FoxPro)
.dbt Memo file for database w/same name (dBASE IV – dBFast)
.dbw Windows file (DataBoss)
.dca Document Content Architecture text file (IBM DisplayWrite)
.dcf Disk image file
.dcp Data CodePage (OS/2)
.dcs Bitmap graphics (CYMK format) (QuarkXPress)
.dcs Datafile (ACT! Activity Files)
.dct Database dictionary (Clarion Database Developer)
.dct Spell checking dictionary (Harvard Graphics 3.0 – Symphony)
.dcx Bitmap graphics (Multipage PCX)
.dd Compressed Macintosh file archive created by DISKDOUBLER
.ddb Bitmap graphics
.ddi Diskdupe Image file (ddupe322.zip)
.ddp Device Driver Profile file (OS/2)
.deb Debug script (DOS Debug)
.def Assembly header file (Geoworks)
.def Defaults – definitions
.dem Demonstration
.dem Graphics (VistaPro)
.dev Device driver
.dfd Data Flow Diagram graphic (Prosa)
.dfi Outline font description (Digifont)
.dfl Default program settings (Signature)
.dfm Data Flow Diagram model file (Prosa)
.dfs Delight Sound File
.dfv Printing form (Word)
.dgn Graphics (MicroStation)
.dgs Diagnostics
.dh Dependency information for .ph (Geoworks)
.dhp Dr. Halo PIC Format graphics (Dr. Halo II – III)
.dht Datafile (Gauss)
.dia Diagraph graphics (Computer Support Corporation)
.dib Bitmap graphics (Device-Independent Bitmap)
.dic Lotus Notes / Domino dictonary file
.dif Database (VisiCalc)
.dif Output from Diff command – script for Patch command
.dif Text file (Data Interchange Format)
.dip Graphics
.dir Dialing directory file (Procomm Plus)
.dir Directory file (VAX)
.dir Movie (MacroMind Director 4.x)
.dis Distribution file (VAX Mail)
.dis Thesaurus (CorelDraw)
.diz Description file (Description In Zip)
.dkb Raytraced graphics (DKBTrace)
.dl Animation (Italian origin)
.dld Data (Lotus 1-2-3)
.dlg Dialog resource script file (MS Windows SDK)
.dll Dynamic Link Library (Windows 3.x – OS/2)
.dll Export/import filter (CorelDRAW)
.dls Setup (Norton Disklock)
.dmo Demo (Derive)
.dmp Dump file (eg. screen or memory)
.dms Compressed Amiga file archive created by DISKMASHER
.doc Document text file
.dog Screen file (Laughing Dog Screen Maker)
.doh Dependency information for .poh (Geoworks)
.dos External command file (1st Reader)
.dos Network driver (eg. pkt_dis.dos)
.dos Text file containing DOS specific info
.dot Line-type definition file (CorelDRAW)
.dot Template (Word for Windows)
.dox Text file (MultiMate 4.0)
.doz Description Out of Zip (VENDINFO)
.dp Calendar file (Daily Planner)
.dp Data file (DataPhile)
.dpr Default project- and state-related information (Borland C++)
.drs Display Resource (WordPerfect for Win)
.drv Device driver eg. for printer
.drw Vector graphics (Micrografx Designer)
.ds4 Vector graphics (Micrografx Designer 4.0)
.dsc Discard file (Oracle)
.dsd Database (DataShaper)
.dsk Project desktop file (Borland C++ – Turbo Pascal)
.dsm Digital sound module (DSI)
.dsn Design (Object System Designer)
.dsp Display parameters (Signature)
.dsp Graphics display driver (Dr.Halo)
.dsr Driver Resource (WordPerfect for Win)
.dss Screensaver file (DCC)
.dss Sound (Digital Soup)
.dsw Desktop settings (Borland C++ 4.5)
.dt_ Data fork of a Macintosh file (Mac-ette)
.dta Data file (Turbo Pascal – PC-File – Stata)
.dtf Database file (PFS – Q&A)
.dtp Document (Timeworks Publisher3)
.dtp Publication (Publish-It!)
.dvc Data (Lotus 1-2-3)
.dvi Device Independent document (TeX)
.dvp Desqview Program Information file (DESQview)
.dvp Device parameter file (AutoCAD)
.dw2 Drawing (DesignCAD for windows)
.dwc Compressed file archive created by DWC (dwc-a501.exe)
.dwg Drawing (Drafix)
.dwg Drawing database (AutoCAD)
.dx Text file (DEC WPS/DX format – DEC WPS Plus)
.dxf Drawing Interchange File Format vector graphics (AutoCAD)
.dxn Fax (Fujitsu dexNET)
.dyn Data (Lotus 1-2-3)
.ebj Error-checking object file (Geoworks)
.edt Default settings (VAX Edt editor)
.eeb Button bar for Equation Editor (WordPerfect for Win)
.eft High resolution screen font (ChiWriter)
.efx Fax (Everex EFax)
.ega EGA display font (Ventura Publisher)
.el Elisp source code file (Emacs lisp)
.elc Compiled ELISP code (Emacs lisp)
.elt Event list text file (Prosa)
.emb Everest Embedded Bank File
.emd ABT Extended Module
.emf Enchanced Metafile graphics
.eml MS Outlook Express Electronic Mail
.ems PC Tools Enhanced Menu System Config
.emu Terminal emulation data (BITCOM)
.enc Encoded file – UUENCODEd file (Lotus 1-2-3 – uuexe515.exe)
.enc Music (Encore)
.end Arrow-head definition file (CorelDRAW)
.eng Dictionary engine (Sprint)
.eng Graphics (charting) (EnerGraphics)
.env Enveloper macro (WOPR)
.env Environment file (WordPerfect for Win)
.epd Publication (Express Publisher)
.epi Document (Express Publisher)
.eps Encapsulated PostScript vector graphics (Adobe Illustrator)
.eps Printer font (Epson – Xerox…) (Ventura Publisher)
.eqn Equation (WordPerfect for Win)
.erd Entity Relationship Diagram graphic file (Prosa)
.erm Entity Relationship Diagram model file (Prosa)
.err Error log
.err Error messages for command line compilers
.esh Extended Shell batch file
.eth Document (Ethnograph 3)
.etx Structure Enhanced (setext) text
.evt Event log
.evy Document (WordPerfect Envoy)
.ewd Document (Express Publisher for Windows)
.ex3 Device driver (Harvard Graphics 3.0)
.exc Rexx source code file (VM/CMS)
.exc Exclude file for Optimize (do not process) (QEMM)
.exe Directly executable program (DOS)
.exm Msdos executable, system-manager compliant (HP calculator)
.ext Extension file (Norton Commander)
.exx Intermediate file by MsgPut (IBM LinkWay)
.ezf Fax (Calculus EZ-Fax)
.f Fortran source code file
.f Compressed file archive created by FREEZE
.f01 Fax (perfectfax)
.f06 Dos screen text font – height 6 pixels (fntcol13.zip)
.f07 Dos screen text font – height 7 pixels (fntcol13.zip)
.f08 Dos screen text font – height 8 pixels (fntcol13.zip)
.f09 Dos screen text font – height 9 pixels (fntcol13.zip)
.f10 Dos screen text font – height 10 pixels (fntcol13.zip)
.f11 Dos screen text font – height 11 pixels (fntcol13.zip)
.f12 Dos screen text font – height 12 pixels (fntcol13.zip)
.f13 Dos screen text font – height 13 pixels (fntcol13.zip)
.f14 Dos screen text font – height 14 pixels (fntcol13.zip)
.f16 Dos screen text font – height 16 pixels (fntcol13.zip)
.f2r Linear module (music) (Farandole)
.f3r Blocked module (music) (Farandole)
.f77 Fortran 77 source code file
.f96 Fax (Frecom FAX96)
.fac Face graphics
.faq Frequently Asked Questions text file
.far Music
.fax Fax (raster graphics) (most Fax programs)
.fc Spell checking dictionary (Harvard Graphics 2.0)
.fcm Binary file patch file (forward compression)(jlpak10.zip)
.fd Declaration file (MS Fortran)
.fd Field offsets for compiler (DataFlex)
.fdw Form (F3 Design and Mapping)
.feb Button bar for Figure Editor (WordPerfect for Win)
.ff Outline font description (Agfa Compugraphics)
.fff Fax (defFax)
.fft Dca/FFT Final Form Text text file (DisplayWrite)
.fh11 Vector graphics (FreeHand 11)
.fi Interface file (MS Fortran)
.fif Fractal Image Format file
.fil File template (Application Generator)
.fil Files list object file (dBASE Application Generator)
.fil Overlay (WordPerfect)
.fin Print-formatted text file (Perfect Writer – Scribble – MINCE)
.fit Fits graphics
.fit File Index Table (WindowsNT)
.fix Patch file
.fky Macro file (FoxPro)
.flb Format library (Papyrus)
.flc Animation (Autodesk Animator)
.fld Folder (Charisma)
.fli Tex font library (EmTeX)
.fli Animation (Autodesk Animator)
.flm Film Roll (AutoCAD/AutoShade)
.flo Micrografx FlowCharter
.flt Filter file (Micrografx Picture Publisher)
.flt Support file (Asymetrix ToolBook) – graphics filter
.flx Compiled binary (DataFlex)
.fm Spreatsheet (FileMaker Pro)
.fm1 Spreadsheet (Lotus 1-2-3 release 2.x)
.fm3 Device driver (Harvard Graphics 3.0)
.fm3 Spreadsheet (Lotus 1-2-3 release 3.x)
.fmb File Manager Button bar (WordPerfect for Win)
.fmf Font or icon file (IBM LinkWay)
.fmk Makefile (Fortran PowerStation)
.fmo Compiled format file (dBASE IV)
.fmt Format file (dBASE IV – FoxPro – Clipper 5 – dBFast)
.fmt Style sheet (Sprint)
.fn3 Font file (Harvard Graphics 3.0)
.fnt Font file (many)
.fnx Inactive font (Exact)
.fo1 Font file (Borland Turbo C)
.fo2 Font file (Borland Turbo C)
.fol Folder of saved messages (1st Reader)
.fon Dialing directory file (Telix)
.fon Font file (many – Windows 3.x font library)
.fon Log of all calls (Procomm Plus)
.for Fortran source code file
.for Form (WindowBase)
.fot Installed Truetype font (Windows Font Installer)
.fp Configuration file (FoxPro)
.fpc Catalog (FoxPro)
.fpt Memo (FoxPro)
.fpw Floorplan drawing (FloorPLAN plus for Windows)
.fr3 Renamed dBASE III+ form file (dBASE IV)
.frf Font (FontMonger)
.frg Uncompiled report file (dBASE IV)
.frm Form (Visual Basic)
.frm Report file (dBASE IV – Clipper 5 – dBFast)
.frm Text (order form)
.fro Compiled report file (dBASE IV)
.frp Form (PerForm PRO Plus – FormFlow)
.frs Screen Font Resource (WordPerfect for Win)
.frt Report memo (FoxPro)
.frx Report (FoxPro)
.fsl Form (Paradox for Windows)
.fsm Farandoyle Sample format music
.fst Linkable program (dBFast)
.fsx Data (Lotus 1-2-3)
.ftm Font file (Micrografx)
.ftp Configuration (FTP Software PC/TCP)
.fw Database (FrameWork)
.fw2 Database (Framework II)
.fw3 Database (Framework III)
.fx On-line guide (FastLynx)
.fxd Phonebook (FAXit)
.fxp Compiled format (FoxPro)
.fxs Fax Transmit Format graphics (WinFax)
.g Data chart (APPLAUSE)
.g8 Raw graphics (one byte per pixel) plane three (PicLab)
.gam Fax (GammaFax)
.gbl Global definitions (VAXTPU editor)
.gc1 Lisp source code (Golden Common Lisp 1.1)
.gc3 Lisp source code (Golden Common Lisp 3.1)
.gcd Graphics
.gdf Dictionary file (GEOS)
.ged Editor’s native file format (Arts & Letters)
.ged Graphics editor file (EnerGraphics)
.gem Vector graphics (GEM – Ventura Publisher)
.gen Compiled template (dBASE Application Generator)
.gen Generated text (Ventura Publisher)
.geo Geode (Geoworks)
.gfb Compressed GIF image created by GIFBLAST (gifblast.exe)
.gft Font (NeoPaint)
.gib Chart (Graph-in-the-Box)
.gif Graphics Interchange Format bitmap graphics (CompuShow)
.giw Presentation (Graph-in-the-Box for Windows)
.gl Animation (GRASP GRAphical System for Presentation)
.glm Datafile (Glim)
.gls Datafile (Across)
.gly Glossary (MS Word)
.gmf CGM graphics (APPLAUSE)
.gmp Geomorph tile map (SPX)
.goc Goc source code file (Geoworks)
.goh Goc header file (Geoworks)
.gp Geode parameter file (Geoworks Glue)
.gph Graph (Lotus 1-2-3/G)
.gpk Omnigo program package
.gr2 Screen driver (Windows 3.x)
.gra Datafile (SigmaPlot)
.grb Ms-DOS Shell Monitor file (MS-DOS 5)
.grf Graph file (Graph Plus – Charisma)
.grp Group file (Windows 3.x – Papyrus)
.grp Pictures group (PixBase)
.gry Raw GREY graphics
.gs1 Presentation (GraphShow)
.gsd Vector graphics (Professional Draw)
.gsw Worksheet (GraphShow)
.gup Data (PopMail)
.gxl Graphics library (Genus)
.gz Compressed file archive created by GZIP (GNU zip)

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